Unshrink Your Clothes!


Ever had one of those moments when you thought you suddenly got bigger that your shirt doesn’t fit anymore? Then you realize it was just the clothing that shrunk. It’s quite frustrating especially if it’s one of the best outfits you have… and you’ve only worn it a few times. Well it doesn’t have to “rot” in the closet. You can do this simple trick to have your clothes back in its original size!

Unshrink your clothes

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What you need:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Bucket
  • Baby Shampoo
  • 2 towels that are larger than your clothing


Unshrink your clothes

Put enough lukewarm water in the tub (or sink) where you can completely soak your clothing, and add some baby shampoo. Put just enough for it to bubble.

Unshrink your clothes

Soak the clothing and gently work it through to relax its fibers.

Unshrink your clothes

Take it out from the water and, without rinsing, gently squeeze it.

Unshrink your clothes

Spread out one towel and put the clothing on top of it.

Unshrink your clothes

Unshrink your clothes

Roll them up to let the towel remove excess moisture from your item. It should be damp, not completely dry.

Unshrink your clothes

Then, replace towel with the dry one and put the piece of clothing out on the dry towel. Carefully stretch the garment as it lays out to dry.

Continue stretching until your clothing is back in its original size. Allow the item to dry completely.

Thanks to One Good Thing by Jillee for this great tip!





  1. I’ve had much success with my own version and it’s much easier. When the washing machine stops, pull out the garment(s) and stretch by pulling evenly, then put on hanger and line dry.