18 Wonderful “Junk” Portraits

Can you imagine the mountains of junk that are sitting in your home – really old magazines, junk mail, buttons that came out of nowhere, the little toys your kids stopped playing with, that earring whose pair got lost, and a lot more?

"Junk" Portraits
“Junk” Portraits

Well, some people have a creative way to deal with them. Scroll down to see how two artists turned worthless junk into priceless artworks!

Zac Freeman Art"Junk" Portraits
“Junk” Portraits

Psychology graduate Sandhi Schimmel Gold shows that you don’t have to be a Fine Arts major to make your own masterpiece. You don’t need expensive art materials, either. All you need are junk materials.

Zac Freeman would definitely be happy to take all of that clutter from your house…

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Below are the 18 most wonderful “junk” portraits that will inspire you.

18 wonderful “junk” portraits

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Some people’s talents are truly amazing – truly blessed to have the ability to turn ugly pieces of material into detailed, beautiful images and forms. If everybody had this skill, perhaps the world would have significantly less amount of trash!

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Have you tried checking if you also have this talent in junk art? 😎

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